PHP script to store and view random quotes. (v1.6b)

Q.uote.me is a simple PHP script to manage your quotes.

Actually, you have your favorite quotes in multiple txt files, one for your mails, another for your web app, etc...

When you find a new quote, you have to update your files... It can be boring !

With this script, you manage only one SQL database. With his API, you read it in your favorite format (actualy, json, rss2, csv).


Storage: Store your favorite quotes in a single place,

API: you can extract quotes with sql like queries in multiples formats,
Supported: RSS2, JSON, CSV, IMG. in the future: XML, TXT, ATOM and iCal ;),

How to use


To extract datas, use api.php (ex: http://q.uote.me/api.php) and use the following syntax in url:
p > parser: json rss2 csv img ex: p=json
s > sort: data,asc desc or random ex: s=date,desc s=random
l > limit: like sql syntax ex: l=10 l=5,25
w > where: like sql syntax ex: w=quote must be followed by:
wo > where options, the first part of the option can be minus = <, plus = >, equal = = and like ex: w=quote&wo=like,lorem
a > and: like (and must be preceded by) where
ao > and second part (and option) like and option

Availables columns:

quote (text), author (varchar), source (varchar), tags (varchar), permalink (char 6), date (datetime)

Image extraction options:

t > type: png gif jpeg (or all image supported by your phpgd version) ex: t=png
wi > width: width of image in pixel ex: wi=512
If you want extract a png image, options are not required

Full examples:

Index of website:

Just type address of website to view random quote. Add permalink option in the URL to view a specific quote.
Permalink format example: http://q.uote.me?xHlefA (thank to sebsauvage for permalink function)


2014-10-03 (1.6b)

2013-08-06 (1.5b)

2013-07-26 (1.4b)

2013-07-26 (1.4b)

p>2013-07-04 (1.3b):

2013-06-30 (1.2b):

2013-06-28 (1.1b):

2013-06-23 (1.0b):





Q.uote.me is distributed under the zlib/libpng License:

Copyright (c) 2014 Daniel Douat

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